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...Fear not, I am the first and the last, and the living one.
I died and behold I am alive forevermore, and
I have the keys of Death and Hades. Revelation 1:18

March 2021

Dear Friends,
We reach out to you in our first newsletter of the year, following what must have been for
many of us a very quiet winter in the midst of this pandemic. We pray that you all have been
upheld during this trying time.

Thank you very much for the cards and notes of encouragement that we received from so
many friends. A long time friend shared “the Canaan message has been a blessing in the
midst of confusion and we have been prepared for these times.” We are grateful that through
online and mail orders we have been able to connect with new readers of the Canaan
literature. With this newsletter we are enclosing one of the All Week Long leaflets. Many
people have appreciated these short readings for themselves or to share with others. One
reader has the whole series of 14 and meditates on one in the morning and a different one in
the evening.

When times are turbulent, rejoice that you may sit in the shelter of the Most High, in keeping
with His promise in Psalm 91. God has pledged Himself to prove His might on behalf of His
children when they are suffering affliction. Thank Him. Great strength lies in giving thanks
and rejoicing. You need that strength to cope with times of trouble and whatever may be
distressing you. Strength, born of thanksgiving and rejoicing, will make you victorious.
Cared for All Week Long - Saturday

As spring approaches we look forward to celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord.
With confidence in His eternal love and victory, let us proclaim together over our lives, over
the lives of our loved ones and over our country:

JESUS, risen Prince of Victory
to You has been given all power in heaven and on earth.
I praise and worship You!
Your power to help is greater than every need.
Some friends were asking about our annual Canaan Retreat in Ottawa. In December we
received a letter from the sisters at the retreat house informing us that unfortunately due to
Covid, the centre will continue to be closed through 2021.

With the warmer weather, the first calls of the returning Canadian geese are echoing through
the valley. It was a milder winter than usual and for Alberta the driest in 100 years. The one
deep dip in temperatures to -40 C did bring an unpleasant surprise. It resulted in the septic
pump out freezing up. As with everything the Lord sends our way, it was a new learning
experience for us. The repair man showed us what to look for and how to thaw the frost
blockage. In the future we should be able to handle it ourselves with some warm water and a
copper pipe.

We look forward to opening the Prayer Gardens for the summer. Outside visits will be
possible even if other restrictions continue. We have already received calls about arranging a
group visit to the Prayer Garden. An order for cards and leaflets included a note: “I always
remember our visits and the blessings received in the Prayer Garden.”
Another “Thank you for caring for and providing the garden. It is a beautiful place to visit
and a refuge for those who need it.”

Please take time to check out the new downloads and video options available at
www.kanaan.org and www.canaaninthedesert.org. The daily reading More Precious Than
Gold can now be downloaded as an app.

We continue to remember you in our prayers asking that the Lord Himself would meet your
every need. Thank you also for remembering us and the work here for His Kingdom.

Yours in Jesus’ precious fellowship, the Sisters of Mary
Evangelical Sisterhood


May our Lord continue to keep your hearts and lives in His peace that passes all understanding.
Yours in His fellowship, the Sisters of Mary

Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, RR #1, Millet, AB T0C 1Z0 ph.780-352-4880 canaan@xplornet.com


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